Hannah Sakai
Pollinating Reflections
24th–27th September, 2020

Park Sonsbeek, Parkweg,
6815 DJ Arnhem
(Permanent Intervention, 24th September–)

Werkplaats Typografie 
Agnietenplaats 2, 
6822 JD Arnhem
(Temporary Intervention, 24th–27th September)

On the 26th of SeptemberWalk between Reflections is planned. The walk will start at 12:30 from Werkplaats Typografie and will end at the Vlindertuin in Park Sonsbeek with a picnic. If you would like to take part in the walk please RSVP by 23rd September to hannah@pollinatingreflections.com.

Initiated by Hannah Sakai, Pollinating Reflections is a collaborative research project working with interventions in public and private spaces. The project is exploring how information can be distributed through materiality. 

Alongside collaborations in space, Pollinating Reflections, is interested in starting a dialogue surrounding the following topics: performing with light, extending the term printing plate, the non-human image, the floating image, materiality being part of content, and content being part of materiality.

The first interventions, taking form of information display cases, are presented in collaboration with the Vlindertuin at Park Sonsbeek and Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem. 

The Background
Material: Wood & Metal
A surface that can carry “The Content”. 

The Content
Material: Printed Paper
Content is fluctuating and curated. 

The Reflective Surface
Material: Glass 
Inhabited by an image through a relief, that is part of the surface. 

The Reflection
Material: Light
Reflection of the environment, defined by the light situation surrounding it.  Including a reflection of the viewer, items, and living beings.  


Pollinating Reflections is looking for new locations and partners to collaborate, please feel free to contact hannah@pollinatingreflections.com for more information. 

Coronavirus disclaimer. Pollinating Reflections strictly follows the recommendations, hygiene and health protocols established by the government of the Netherlands.